Arc Flash Lift Front Hood | 40 Cal

• Shield and chin guard offer an additional 45 degrees of vertical view over standard hoods. 
• Vertical peripheral vision field increases by 109% which allows for a clearer view of surroundings. 
• Contoured lens naturally extends range of peripheral vision giving user a greater outward visibility and more access to natural light. 
• Allows for use of task lights to add much needed convenience lighting in dark work places. 

• Contains 60% less fabric weight than standard hoods which makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear.
• Reduction in fabric allows for more natural head movement and eliminates the need for frequent hood adjustments due to shifts in the excess fabric. 

Ventilation & Breathability
• Industrial design creates a natural ventilation system beneath the brim of the hard hat.
• Ventilated bracket design allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as it rises from the body.