Double Twist Wood Auger Bit

Applications: Log Homes, Trees (arborists), Landscape Contractors (railroad ties), Dock Builders, Bulkheads, Remodeling/Renovation, Wood Play-set Manufacturers, Post and Beam Construction, anyone who needs a deep hole or a long reach.

• Double Twist Wood Auger Bits have Quick Change 7/16" hex shank to work with pneumatic and hydraulic drill motors.
• Double flute and double spur design for clean holes and quick chip removal.
• Back-tapered to prevent binding in deep holes.
• Machined on a true center for less run-out and to prevent "wandering" in the workpiece.
• 40" overall length with a 36" flute or 30" overall length with a 26" long flute.


SKU: Double Twist Wood Auger Bit